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OTC drug research


OTC drug research conducted by our company provides invaluable support in terms of planning a marketing campaign. With our measurements, you can increase you ad's performance, and tailor your offer to the needs of consumers in specific segments of the market. Consequentially, an increase in recorded sales profits is almost guaranteed!


Areas of OTC drug research

Within the scope of our OTC drug research, we conduct market research, among others, on:

  • Drug concepts;
  • Advertising spots;
  • Prototypes of medical products;
  • Marketing words & phrases;
  • Past histories of diseases;
  • Frequency of purchase of OTC drugs;
  • Ways of responding to specific ailments;
  • Nuisances associated with drug use;
  • Knowledge of OTC drug brands;
  • Brand associations;
  • Brand trust;
  • Patient price preferences;
  • Expectations regarding the properties of the drug;
  • Reception of elements of visual identification;
  • Occurrences of side effects in patients after taking the drug;
  • Knowledge of drug advertisements broadcasted in television;
  • Propensity to recommend products by doctors and pharmacists.


OTC drug research is therefore conducted on both patients and those recommending the choice of specific OTC products or dietary supplements.


How do we conduct our research?

Marketing research in the area of over-the-counter drugs is carried out using both quantitative and qualitative techniques. The first stage is usually the exploration of the research area. To understand the customers' customs, and to recognize their needs and preferences regarding the acquisition of OTC products, we begin with individual IDI's or FGI focus group studies. The data obtained at this stage is subjected to statistical analysis and interpretation in order to isolate specific market segments – homogenous target groups of customers, selected due to their socio-demographic and psychographic characteristics.


Why trust us?

We have been conducting OTC drug marketing research throughout the last 15 years, all the while implementing ambitious projects for the most rapidly growing pharmaceutical companies in the market. Our team of experienced researchers has immense knowledge of the medical market, having researched it thoroughly many times over. We have developed proven research and analytical solutions dedicated to pharmacy, using, among others, innovative IT technologies (eCRF software, CRO, etc.).

Entrusting us with the task of OTC drug research is a guarantee of gaining credible and objective information that will translate right into a marketing success.

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