Medical market research

We have 15 years of experience in working with scientific centers, academic institutions and some of the largest pharmaceutical companies on the market. Our team consists of high-class specialists and experts in the field of Medical Market Research.
Medical Market Research

Our Offer

We provide our clients with proven research solutions, developed over our 12 years of operation. We realize both large-scale healthcare market research and fast ad hoc research – within up to 48 hours.

Marketing research for pharmacy

We carry out market research for healthcare and pharmacy industries, related to factors such as:


  • Acceptable and optimal product prices

  • Shopping preferences

  • Consumer habits and determinants of drug use

  • Product highlights

  • Evaluation of advertising materials and slogans

  • Perception and comparison of drug packaging concepts

  • Substitute usage

  • Profiling clients and isolating target groups

  • Brand image versus competition

  • Optimal channels for brand promotion, distribution and communication

Individual insights

Because of the qualitative research of the medical market that we perform, we gather creative consumer insights – straight from the target group of clients. We run, among others, individual in-depth interviews (IDI) and group focus studies (FGI), supplemented by the use of projection techniques. Such insights are valuable in increasing the effectiveness of your marketing campaign, and optimizing your budget for that purpose.


At the same time, we also conduct representative opinion surveys, using our online consumer panel and a modern CATI studio. Thus, we obtain reliable data that can be extrapolated to the entire population.


Consumer opinion surveys

We also perform representative opinion surveys, using our own online consumer panel and a modern CATI studio. We collect data with a high degree of credibility, which can be easily extrapolated to the full population.

Medical Market Research

Used research techniques

Our many years of experience in marketing research allow us to guarantee the highest possible quality and reliability of each measurement. We provide valuable information that translates directly into a competitive advantage.

Our medical market research projects are carried out using the following techniques in particular:

Medical Market Research

FGI research (focus interviews)

Medical Market Research

Individual qualitative research (IDI)

Medical Market Research

Desk research

Medical Market Research

Mystery shopping

Medical Market Research

Online surveys within our consumer panel

Medical Market Research

CLT tests and sender tests

Medical Market Research

Surveys (telephone, internet and field surveys)

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