Medical statistics for pharmacy


Prevent risks, forecast trends, gain a dominant position in the industry!

Do you care about ensuring your pharmaceutical company's competetiveness and achieving ever-increasing profits? If so, you can't remain passive! Results of an analysis conducted in the field of medical statistics will allow you to streamline your business processes.


Healthcare and Medical Market Research

Our offer includes conducting professional analyses and statistical calculations for pharmacies and health centers. In particular, we perform data analysis for conducted medical market research and observational studies. We also collect and process clinical trial data.


Medical statistics from methodology

We offer professional statistical support beginning with the selection of research methods and techniques, as well as the size of the sample to be tested. Our analyses allow you to draw valuable conclusions about, among others, the following issues:

  • Anticipation of sales results;
  • Brand value;
  • Effectiveness and effectiveness of the advertising campaign;
  • Knowledge of drug brands in target groups of clients (assisted and spontaneous);
  • Performance of medical representatives;
  • Forecasts for success when new medicinal products are introduced to the market;
  • Segmentation of drug buyers in terms of psychographic, demographic and social characteristics;
  • Business intelligence processes;
  • Indicators consumers' and patients' flow to competition.


Conducted statistical tests

Our team is comprised of experienced medical analysts and market researchers who have worked in the industry for at least a dozen or so years. We have developed dedicated statistical models for pharmacy. In our work we perform, among others, tests such as:

  • Statistical significance tests;
  • Correlation detection;
  • Survivability tests;
  • Simple comparative and descriptive statistics;
  • Resolving hypotheses;
  • Basket analysis;
  • Regression analysis;
  • Structural equations;
  • Cluster analysis;
  • Various types of statistical forecasts;
  • Churn model tests.
  • - software for medical statistics


We perform statistical calculations for the pharmaceutical industry in a fully automated way, using our dedicated eCRF analytical software. Its use allows you to be absolutely certain about the security of the processed data. The system has a cyclic backup module, and access to the application is accordingly encrypted. The software also guarantees avoiding mistakes while coding and validating the data. In addition, cyclical tests of the data are also available, checking its quality and statistical usefulness. Automation also includes the process of generating charts and tabular statements, always in real-time.


Don't delay it any longer!

We encourage you to take advantage of our professional offer of statistical analysis. We guarantee that working with us will translate into a significant streamlining of your business processes, and will provide invaluable support in terms of planning a new marketing campaign.

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